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Welcome to my website.I welcome you  to join me on my quest of becoming well known adult visual novel developer.  My first game is called " Lawyer by trade " and there is an enhanced  version  of that  game that you can play online on my website  for free.  Currently I`m working on two projects.  Both of them are very promising. The main project game is called Episode- I am in heavenThis is a game about seduction and "intricate" relationship. You don`t remember who you are and where exactly are you. All you know is that the women around you are incredible sexy...
If you are into this kind of games(adult VN) then I encourage everyone to try them out and see for themselves...
Future releases of my games will depend heavily on peoples interest and support. Right now, the best option is to support my work per month on Patreon.com  in  form of small donations. In return you will get access to all my latest games  as soon  as they are released.  The current game is rendered in Full HD. Its still in an early stage but the content  is increasing. 
Thank you for supporting me and enjoy my games. 
Yours truly,  adultjunkie

Links to the current version of the game: Patreon supporter only!

---------------------------------September 2019-----------------------------------

I am in heaven Episode 3 v0.01 18.09.2019

Win-Linux: Mega.nz 185MB (you`ll need pass)

Mac: Mega.nz 180MB (you`ll need pass) use app the Unarchiver!

Android: Mega.nz 145MB (you`ll need pass)

Walkthrough: Mega.nz (you`ll need pass)

----------------------------------June 2019 ------------------------------------------

I am in heaven Episode2 v0.06 14.06.2019

Win-Linux: Mega.nz 1.4GB (you`ll need pass)

Mac: Mega.nz 1.4GB (you`ll need pass)

Android: Mega.nz 500MB(you`ll need pass)(compressed)(complete)

Walkthrough: Mega.nz (you`ll need pass)

--------------------------------- April 2019 -------------------------------------------

I am in heaven Episode2 v0.05 25.04.2019

Win-Linux: Mega.nz 1.2GB  (you`ll need pass)

Mac: Mega.nz 1.2GB  (you`ll need pass. use app the Unarchiver)

Android: Mega.nz 1.2GB (you`ll need pass)

Walkthrough: Mega.nz

---------------------------------March 2019-------------------------------------------

I am in heaven-episode1 v1.0 20.03.2019

Win-Linux: Mega.nz 900MB (you`ll need pass)

Mac: Mega.nz 900MB (you`ll need pass)*use app The Unarchiver

Android: Mega.nz 900MB (you`ll need pass)

Walkthrough: Mega.nz

-----------------------------Free to public--------------------------------------------
I am in heaven-episode1 v0.05c !!! 10.08.2018 released
Win-LinuxMega.nz 1.0GB (0.05c)(free to public) 
MacMega.nz 1.0GB (0.05c)(free to public) 
AndroidMega.nz 1.0GB(free to public
Walkthrough: Mega.nz pdf0.05Fixed!!!(contains spoiler)

Lawyer by trade Enhanced 0.04!!!(12.09.2018) 
Win-LinuxMega.nz 410MB(you`ll need a password for zip file) 
MacMega.nz 400MB(you`ll need a password for zip file) 
Android(apk): Mega.nz 420MB *my first android build.Works nice, animations work! (you`ll need a password for zip file) 
Walkthrough 0.04!: Mega.nz  pdf  (contains spoiler)  

News !

22.02.2019! Episode2: I am in heaven 0.04 is almost completed! Release is expected in February!

13.11.2018! Episode2: I am in heaven 0.03 is under development!Release is expected in December!

15.10.2018! Episode1 I am in heaven - Android released!Episode 2 (October) released!

04.10.2018! Episode 2: I am in heaven 0.07!Game will future new content, android port and animations!!!The release of     Episode 2 0.07 is expected for mid to late October. Also Episode 1 will get android release!

20.07.2018! Preview of the upcoming Episode2 gameUncompressed images(Mega)Compressed images(Mega)(You need password for the zip package which you can find on my patreon page)

11.05.2018! Lawyer by trade 0.03 is completed!

18.04.2018! Episode1- I am in heaven 0.04 is completed!

13.03.2018! Nice wallpaper 1080p(Mega)!!!

21.02.2018 Play the game Lawyer by trade directly on my website for free!!!

You can support my work on Patreon.  Also you can support me by using my links(Public) which you have to wait for 5sec to get a link for Mega.  Dont download from other sources you may get a virus or malware and also you help others earn money from my hard work!
Stay tuned on my website or Patreon page where you will get my latest games, screens and news. 
Yours truly, 
Episode2 game version 0.06 current progress:

Welcome to my website. My main project game is: I am in heaven ! 

Important!For questions and comments use contact form on this website or Discord server. Do not post comments about Episode game on Patreon website!

I am also working on a game called: Lawyer by trade  

Because of the strict policy of Patreon.com you will not find reference of the I am in heaven game there because of the explicit content...

Next release I am in heaven Episode 3 !!!


Online version of the game Lawyer by trade. 

Play the game online without downloading or installing. 
You can even save the game and load whenever you want. 
Current version of the game is Lawyer by trade(enhanced) 0.01 online.

Game is rendered in Fullhd. Its not fancy as renpy version, 
but mostly stable and has some minor cosmetic issues. 

Please,  always! use my link to play. That way you are safe and 
you help this website running. There are no commercials other then
linkshrink link to the game(wait 5 sec in upper right corner). You can
play the game as long as you like for free and without subscription or
any nonsense. 

Thank you for your support, 


PLAY THE GAME!!! (linkshrink)

(wait for 5sec in the upper right corner for the link)


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